Wednesday, December 14, 2011

nie poem yg paling aku suke cuz poem nie aku, mayati n anis baca untuk 'POEM READING COMPETITION'

now poem nie aku tujukan buat sume kwn2 yg kenal aku...


a best friend
is always there
whether you need advice
or a nice talk
or even a shoulder to cry on

a best friend
listen with her/his heart
and is always honest with you
eventhough the truth
may no be what you want to hear

a best friend
knows all you secrets
understands your fears
shares your dreams

a best friend
never stop believing in you
even if you give up on yourself
you are that kind of friend to me
and no matter what happens (2X)
you always will be (2X)
you are my best friend (2X)

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