Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Assalamualaikum Papa :')

Assalamualaikum papa :')

Pa, Achik ada a really really good new for you and abe..guess what? Hmm you and umi will get a 'handsome' menantu hahaha maybe la maybe handsome >.<  hahaha but dont worry la.. I am so sure that he will love and take a good care of kakak just like how you did to us :)

Omaii omaii...3 days more and kakak gonna be a pretty bride and opcoz me, atoq and byna gonna be the super duper cute bridemaids to kakak.. heee...yaa-III.. I'm always be your most Perasan daughter actually :P

Pa, it is nice if you and abe are here celebrate kakak's wedding together with us.. I am sure that she will be a very very very happy bride..hahaha you know your daughters are too manja kann...hmmm jangan nangis masa kawen nati sudahh..*heee sorry kakak...achik bukan doa yang bukan-II tauu *
But its okayy coz I know you both are always by our sides even dalam mimpi achik pun papa and abe muncul hari-II.. and I also know that you and abe always look and pray for us from far right ? hmm we love you both !

Sobsobs I am crying while typing this actually... :( hmm I miss you damn much papa..seriously Achik rindukan belaian kasih papa...:'( I just wanna hug you, kiss you and Achik just nak manja-II dengan papa umi macam budak lain buat.. I love you..I really really love you...

btw pa..Achik dah tahun dua degree..Achik dah besar dah..hahaha walaupun papa rasa Achik ni kechik lagi... :)

Your cute + manja daughter,

My Pet